Pelagius Library

The Origin and Nature of Pelagianism

by professor benjamin b. warfield, D.D.

Introductory Essay on the Pelagian Controversy


St. Augustine and the Pelagian Controversy

By Harry Austryn Wolfson  

A chapter from the book Religious Philosophy 1961

About how Augustine was the innovator of new doctrine, not Pelagius.


A Selection from Against Heresies by St. Irenaeus

This writing by one of the first Christian theologians in A.D. 182 seem to directly contradict Augustine's Theology.  

Irenaeus was a disciple of Polycarp who was a disciple of the Apostle John.


Letter of Pelagius to Demetrias

And example of one of the known writings by Pelagius.  


A Treatise On Nature and Grace, Against Pelagius

by Aurelius Augustin, Bishop of Hippo A.D. 415  

Extracts from the treatise concerning the essence of the argument.


The Proceedings of Pelagius

by Aurelius Augustin, Bishop of Hippo  

Record of a synod of Bishops in 415 A.D. that acquitted Pelagius of all accusations.


Augustin's anti-Pelagian Writings

On nature and Grace

A Treatise Concerning Man's Perfection in Righteousness

A Treatise on the Spirit and the Letter



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